The Most Beautiful Place in Washington D.C.

If there’s one thing I can’t resist, it’s a charming, historic city. Providence is always tops on my list (and Charleston is tops on my to-visit list), but Alexandria, Virginia is way up there. It’s easy to get to – 10 minutes from Reagan airport and 15 from D.C. proper – but it feels a world away from all of that. I wrote about exploring Alexandria for Forbes, but here’s a preview of how gorgeous Old Town is.

The city was incorporated in 1749, and most of the architecture dates back to that time, or is inspired by it. 
The buildings on Queen Street even have open-flame gas streetlights.
Market Square, in the heart of Old Town, is just steps away from the tavern where George Washington was first named president.
Even the modern eateries, like Blackwall Hitch, feel very historic.
The restaurant also has this amazing wall… so it’s not all 300 years old.

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